Lurking in the Woods is LIVE

Hello everyreader!

I’m the slightest bit late with this update, but not by too much! (I’ve been busy marketing, so that probably counts for something.)

I won’t dally too long here. Just letting you know Lurking in the Woods, a fairy tale mashup retelling and the first in my Beyond the Veil series, is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for purchase!

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Click here to check it out!

If everything goes well, next Wednesday will be an update on what comes next! Either Book 2 or a standalone…I haven’t quite decided yet. Either way, I’m excited to share the next adventure with you!


Lurking in the Woods Excerpt

Hello everyreader!

As promised, here’s a little teaser for my upcoming standalone novel, Lurking in the Woods!

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Lurking in the Woods (Beyond the Veil #1)

Hello everyreader!

I’m very excited to announce the first in my upcoming four book fantasy romance series! (Boy, that’s a lot of adjectives…)

I’ve doubled the word count for this next story, and I have a feeling as this series of standalones progresses, they are only going to get longer! For anyone anticipating novels, here they come!

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Escapism is LIVE

Hello everyreader!

Today is the day! Escapism is available on Amazon in paperback! (And on Kindle Unlimited, of course!)

This Novella Collection really marks a point in my writing career, and it’s insane to see how far I’ve come in so short a time…

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Hello everyreader!

I’m so excited to announce information on my novella collection since this is the one I get to hold! Escapism will include my first three releases (The Moon Faerie’s Night SkyThe Pirate’s Stowaway Bride, and Hovering Above Chaos) in PAPERBACK!

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The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride — Excerpt

Hello everyreader!

I recently read somewhere that the best way to find readers and market to them was to give them something to read. SHOCKING I know, but I figured maybe I’d give that wild idea a shot!

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Hovering Above Chaos is LIVE!

Hello everyreader!

I’m just stopping in to let you know that my third novella is now officially available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! That’s right, you can now join Nic and Sy on their adventure as they escape the confines of Lune City — if they make it out.

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Release Date and Cover Reveal (Hovering Above Chaos)

At last this day has arrived! When I got this amazing cover from N.D. Grant, I think I screamed! It was absolutely stunning, and I knew I’d be counting down the days till I could share it with the world!

(I did actually count down the days on my Instagram. Check that out for bookish fun, updates, and quotes!)

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Hovering Above Chaos

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share my next novella’s blurb with you! I’ve dipped my toes into darker fantasy this time around and made the romance very subtle…

Themes remain consistent, however! So let’s see who we’re escaping with this time!

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10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Since I’ve just published my first two stories, I figured it might be a good idea to put a person behind the books. We all have our little character quirks (For example, Kori loves her tea set. Interested? Click here to check out my first published novelette, The Moon Faeirie’s Night Sky!) But ahem plugs aside, here are ten random things about me! Can you relate to any?

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